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Brain Gym® 101 (in Englisch)



'Bewegung ist das Tor zum Lernen'

(Zitat: Dr. Paul Dennison)


Brain Gym® is a series of simple, effective, amusing and lively movements and activities to facilitate learning.

These activities improve brain function, support learning at school, in daily life, at work, in interpersonal relationships, and wherever and whenever we need to make steps forward.


These movements can improve concentration, memory, reading, writing, organizing, listening and physical coordination.  


Brain Gym® is the core of Educational Kinesiology and was created and developed by Dr.Paul Dennison.


In Brain Gym® 101 the 26 activities together with the  balances (a five-step process) are presented and practised.


Brain Gym® gives us more balance, supports personal growth and development, and enables us to express our potential.


Brain Gym® private sessions are also offered to enable you to achieve your goals and have more clarity and balance in your life.

Brain Gym® is the registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation.

This course is taught in English.

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